In the late nineties, whilst at university studying for a degree in Geography, I came across the first issue of the Spanish edition of National Geographic. The images in the magazine inspired me, this is when my passion for photography and image was born.
After studying Photography in the leading schools in Barcelona I decided the best thing to do was to learn from the best by working as a photographer’s assistant. I have worked in hundreds of advertising productions shooting with the greatest names in international fashion and advertising photography.
I have gained an enormous amount of experience working in both big budget projects, where all the work is carefully detailed, planned and scheduled, and in smaller projects, where flexibility and intuition are required at all times.
Around 2010, whilst I continued working as a photographer, pursuing my desire to create images my career starts evolving towards cinematography.
Since then I have worked in fashion films and commercials in Barcelona, Miami, Beirut, Kenya and New York, amongst other places.
In 2014 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Cinematography at ESCAC
Due to my background as a photographer I like to consider myself as a new arrival to the world of cinematography, this naivety gives a fresh and different perspective to my work, and this is why I am constantly striving to learn and experiment.
I love getting deeply involved in any project I work, fully committing to the director, exploring both narrative paths and tone in order to visually tell stories.


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